Universal/NC Cylindrical Grinding Example

Taper Grinding Between Two Genters

Taper Grinding Between Two Genters

Straight Plunge Grinding

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Example

Internal Taper Grinding

Internal Grinding

Universal/NC/CNC Cylindrical Grinding

Horizontal Grinding Between two Centers

Held on Horizontal Grinding

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Example

Tapered Traverse Grinding

Curve & Endface Plung Grinding

CNC Cylindrical Wheel Dressing Cycles

Horizontal Grinding Between two Centers

Held on Horizontal Grinding

Grinding Symboles

Multi-Faces / I.D. Grinding

Faces Grinding

I.D. Taper Grinding

Automobile Components

2 Wheelers : Cam shaft, Crankshaft (L & R), Counter shaft, Drive shaft, Gear shift Drum, Gear kick starter, balancer shaft, etc.

4 Wheelers : Transmission shaft, Counter shaft, Stub Axle, Hypoid Pinion Shaft, Crankshaft, Differential Housing, Turbo Charger, Fuel Injection Parts, Barrel, Plunger. Special Applications; Valve seat, Piston Ring Profile grinding. Sleeves and Liners, Engine Valve, Cross Joint, Spring, Piston, Piston Pin, King Pin, Crank Pin, Tractors & Tillers: Yoke, crankshaft

  • Bearings (Ball, Thrust, Tapered, Spherical)
  • Compressor Parts
  • Medical : Punches for Tablets, Syringe needles, Surgical Needles, Surgical Syringes, Surgical Sutures and Catheters
  • Pharmaceuticals Dies and Punches
  • Rubber Rollers
  • Submersible Pump Components
  • Gauges
  • Fasteners
  • Industrial Conveyor Components
  • Textile Components : Spindles
  • Battery Dry Cells
  • Rock Drill Components
  • Cutting Tools: Carbide/ HSS Straight/ Step drills
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Steel Rolling Rolls
  • Ceramic Components
  • Machine Tools
  • Tool Room
  • Tooling : Collets, Mandrels, Tool Holders ISO/BT/MT
  • Electrical & Electronics : Motor shafts
  • Refrigerator/ Generator set/ Air conditioners : Crankshaft, Valves, Compressor Shaft
  • Coat & Apron rolls
  • Academic Training
  • Aerospace Components
  • Die & Mould Tooling : Punches, Inserts, Pillars, Bushes
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics : Piston rods, Valve spools, Pump shaft
  • Machine Tools : Spindles, Quills, sleeve, Pulleys
  • Precision Engineering
  • Printing : Rollers, Shafts